Three Phase Portable Meter Test Bench


Three Phase Portable Meter Test Bench

The APP-301/APP-301E Three Phase Portable Energy Meter Test Equipment designed from new digital wave compound and MCU based technology which satisfies to International Standard IEC60736 and Indian Standard IS12346.

The equipment includes voltage/current source & standard meter, operates easily through front panel Keypad/PC software to perform the entire test. The Equipment is suitable for onsite field testing of Energy Meters.

Technical Specification

  • Test Meter Type : Various kinds of single phase/three phase active/reactive energy meter (Includes sine wave, VAR 90⁰ jump phase, VAR 60⁰ shift phase), inductive type, electronic type, multifunction and four quadrants power meter
  • Main Supply Voltage : AC 230V ± 15%, 50/60 Hz ± 5%
  • Max Input Power Consumption : 500W/600VA
  • Voltage Range : 30 V- 300 V (optional 600V)
  • Current Range : 3x1mA – 100A (max 120A)
  • Output Frequency : 45~65Hz in step of 0.01Hz adjustable
  • Output Phase : 0-359.99⁰ (10⁰, 1⁰, 0.1⁰, 0.01⁰ adjustable step)
  • Safety : Conforms IEC61010
  • Relative Humidity : ≤ 85% Ta=23°C