Sonic Nozzle Type- Accuracy and Pressure

GNP Series

Sonic Nozzle Type- Accuracy and Pressure

GNP sonic nozzle test facility for gas meter is a new generation automatic test facility with high accuracy, high efficiency and good stability.

The test facility can carry out automatic test towards G1.6, G2.5, G4.0 diaphragm gas meter according to JJG577-2012. The system is with dynamic image sampling, bar code scanning input, auto receive reed switch and pulse signal of gas meter, auto compensation for temperature and pressure, error judgment, data query, storage and printing function.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 220VAC
  • Compressed Air Supply : Above 0.4 MPa
  • System Uncertainty : ±0.5%
  • Barometric Pressure : 86~106 kPa
  • Working Medium : Air
  • Ambient Temperature : 20±5°C
  • Relative Humidity : 30%~85%