Leakage Test Equipment


Leakage Test Equipment

GLD-6 leakage test facility for gas meter (G1.6~G4.0) is a new generation automatic and efficient test facility developed on the principle of pressure differential method according to test regulation for diaphragm gas meter JJG577-2012 (regulation).

Adopt single chip microcomputer, high-accuracy A/D conversion and precision micro-differential pressure sensor technology, real-time display pressure difference or leakage valve on each meter and can also display internal pressure of the meters. The whole test procedure is fulfilled by the program set by single chip automatically.

Technical Specification

  • Power Supply : 220VAC, 0.3kW
  • Applicable Meter Under Test : G1.6~G4.0 domestic gas meter
  • Sample Mode : Dynamic Image Processor
  • Meter Clamp Method : Pneumatic Clamping method
  • Compressed Air Supply : Above 0.4MPa
  • Working Medium : Air
  • Barometric Pressure : 80~120kPa
  • Relative Humidity : 30%~85%
  • Ambient Temperature : 20±5°C